Advertising on Laptop Lids

Sacha Chua seems to like the way her laptop sticker grabs attention in public.

Want to meet interesting but don’t want to have to make the first move? Use the back of your laptop to get people to talk to you. ;) Stickers are a great way to do that. My laptop reads “The geek shall inherit the earth.” I can’t count the smiles, chuckles, and conversations I’ve gotten out of it–and all I have to do is open my laptop!

She’s even tempted to rent out space for advertising! And this seems like a good idea to earn extra revenues if you frequently use your laptop in public. It’s much like the way Chris Pirillo rented out his chest for ad space. Stowe Boyd, who rented out rights to his T-shirt messages seems to welcome the idea, too.

There’s actually a business plan in there somewhere. People register with the company, get sent a new sticker every month that covers the lid, and take pictures to show they’ve put in on at the start and that its still there at the end of the month, and they get sent a small check. Fun!

It’s like renting out ad space on buses, taxis, and even airplanes, only on a smaller scale.

Hey, if someone will sponsor my coffee, snacks, WiFi connection, and fare/gas every day just to get me to spend a few hours at Starbucks or Seattle’s Best, I would be all right with slapping some stickers on my V2000. I’ll be able to get some work done, get my daily caffeine fix, satisfy my sweet tooth, and probably earn some extra dough.

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