HP Pavilion DV5000T Review

HP Pavilion DV5000T Review

Laptop Magazine took a look at the HP Pavilion dv5000t, a laptop with an amazing set of features for its sub $1700 price point.

The marquee technology here is Intel’s 1.83-GHz Core Duo, a dual-core processor officially introduced in January. The dv5000t is one of the first notebooks to use Nvidia’s mid-tier GeForce 7400 Go processor. In terms of raw performance, it actually represents a step down from the dv4000’s graphics chip (ATI’s Mobility Radeon X700).

The trade-off in a slightly slower graphics package can be seen in the battery power. The dv5000t can last a whopping 7.5 hours unplugged. Granted, that’s on the 12-cell battery that represents a $39 premium over the standard 6-cell battery, but it’s worth the extra cost for such a long lifespan.

In the end, they give the dv5000t a four out of five, lacking that one last star due to a step down in graphics performance compared to its predecessor, and its bulky battery, but if you can deal with those two small negatives, you will probably have a very positive experience with this notebook.

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