HP Pavilion DV8000Z Review

I am not a big fan of multimedia laptops, they are bulky, and not very portable. Usually, their battery life is so short you only get to watch a single movie on them before they need to recharge, but the reviewers at Laptop Magazine recently reviewed the dv8000z from HP, and they liked it.

The 17-inch screen is a beauty. Its glossy finish is great for watching movies, but it tends to reflect ambient light. It’s also true high definition and offers Ultra BrightView technology, meaning the screen has a second backlight. If you’re like us, you’ll find yourself turning down the brightness for office applications and turning it up to watch video. Movies look sharp and crisp in the 1440 x 900 widescreen format.

They give the over $2000 laptop a four out of five, and an editor’s choice stamp of approval, though the HP Pavilion still does have all the negatives I mentioned before.

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